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XR Systems is your competent partner for data processing systems for intra-logistics & material flow management with national and international experience to guarantee Your success.

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DBtron/L regularly achieves operating times of over 1000 days with no interruptions and is the most reliable data processing solution in intra-logistics.

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We'll find the ideal solution for your specific circumstances, during the entire project, by providing a high-quality professional service, meeting your dead-lines and collaborating with our customers as a partner.

After delivery we'll provide support adapted to your needs and possibilities. We have been working together with our customers for 30 years.
We look forward to bring our expertise to your service!


Proper assessment of your particular needs is very important and should always be a key factor in any developing project



Every logistics solution is different and requires a new point of view to optimize. We understand that and offer something that is tailored to your needs


Trained employees work professionally, are highly efficient and bring new ideas and inspiration to their company. Costs and time invested into compact, practice-oriented training will pay off many times.


Malfunctions leading to costly standstills are part of real life when using any kind of system. Our qualified support helps you to minimise or even avoid such downtimes. Permanent changes continously affect modern technology. In order to benefit from innovation cycles you may rely on thoroughly tested updates.

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