XR Systems is your competent partner for data processing systems for intra-logistics and material flow management, with national and international experience to guarantee your success. We can find the ideal solution for your specific circumstances. During the entire project, we provide a professional service, meeting dead-lines and collaborating with our customers as a partner.

XR Systems GmbH specialises in modern solutions for automation systems used in material flow, crane storage, high rack storage areas as well as block storage and floor stack storage.

For ongoing projects we will provide you with our support. We have been working together with our customers for over 30 years and we look forward to bring our expertise to your service!

Customers of XR Systems include companies in the field of engine construction, manufacturing shops and service providers all over the world. They all benefit from the expertise of the company and the diverse experience which has helped to provide an ideal solution for all requirements from one source.

Participating in and contributing

IT is the innovation driver of our time, changing people’s communication patterns and organisational structures in a fundamental and sustainable way. We actively participate in the creation of this change management by contributing services and the development of software. However, it is not the products which take centre stage, but solutions tailored to our customers' needs. Our challenge is to understand the particular demands of your trade in your own particular situation. This always includes putting ourselves in our customer's shoes and supporting changes resulting from IT in the client's environment.

Responsible Partner

Software developed by XR Systems and the services we provide are implemented into the processes which are crucial for your business and are usually of existential significance to our customers. Ever since its foundation, XR Systems has focused on long-term technology which meets the strategic requirements of our customers and which protects their investments permanently. A natural result of this is our specialisation in essential core competences, in addition to our cooperation with business partners offering complementary products and services.

Continuity and Evolution

Rapid technical changes in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and its general complexity demand a focus on essential core competences. We are dedicated to maintaining and expanding these core areas of expertise. Differentiation is therefore our goal when new skills are combined with existing ones, thus creating new and lasting growth potential.

For us, long-term strategic technology comes first before any passing fads and marketing hype. We would like to make trend-setting technology accessible to our customers without being subject to innovation hysteria. This trend-setting technology can protect your investments sustainably and cover current and future requirements.


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