The most reliable global
data processing solution

is the most reliable data processing system in material flow and warehouse management for manufacturing logistics. It supplies and disposes of manufacturing units and stores incoming and outgoing materials (your capital).

Material flow = cash flow.

Robust in Daily Routine

Operating times of over 1000 days with no interruptions, making it the most reliable data processing solution in intralogistics

A safe place for your data

Using Oracle databases assures the protection of your investments


Can be used in any warehouse structure and can manage all kinds of materials

Minimizing costs

Virtual hardware ensure mininmal supply costs, marginal down times

Experienced partner

Leading companies in four continents already benefit from the use of the DBtron/L systems and make use of our experience of over 30 years

We speak your language

The software is available in numerous languages

Interface Features

Store-independent features

Automatic stock piling, stock removal and stock transfer
option to change to manual drive in case of escalation
Best possible use of store room
Summary of production orders
Independent statistical analysis of the warehouse
Independent strategies for stock-piling and stock removal
Business management analysis of warehouse sections
Compilation of production orders

Special features in crane storages

Height check of store stacks
Towers of Hanoi: different articles can be stored on top of each other
Square shaped timber logistics: automated usage of square shaped timber
Double-crane logistics: several cranes can be controlled independently
Monitoring of crane load bearing capacity

Special features in the high rack storage area

Collision avoidance if several vehicles are in aisle
Best use of shelf room

Special features in block storage

Division of aisles: same material can be stored in different aisles
Automatic moving back of high stacks in the storehouse

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